28494 Maclure Rd Abbotsford, BC V4X 1L4
(604) 857-8912



Welcome to K & M Farms. My name is Mark Robbins, and together with my wife Kathy, daughter Jill and daughter in-law Jessica, we grow pasture raised chickens and turkeys as well as free range chickens.

Our first priority is to raise our chickens and turkeys as close to their natural habitat as possible. A habitat where the chickens can express natural bird behaviours such as pecking, scratching, foraging and dust bathing. Our second priority is to grow chickens and turkeys closer to their natural size. Our pasture raised roasting chickens range from 6 to 8 pounds. Our free-range roasting chickens range from 4 – 6 pounds. And our feature turkeys are our 20 to 24 lbs hens.

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