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Fresh Chickens

K & M Farms has fresh chicken 4 times a year. They are ready for pick-up on specific days in June, July, September and October.

Customers normally pre-order chickens (by email our using the form above) and then come to the farm on the pick-up days.

Fresh Turkeys

Turkeys are available fresh for Thanksgiving. Growth rates can vary depending on the weather. We will make every effort to provide a bird within 2 pounds (plus or minus) of the weight requested.


Chicken Turkey
June 12/13 October 8/9
July 16/17
September 17/18
October 22/23

Frozen Product

Our chicken and turkey products are available throughout the year while supplies last. To purchase frozen product contact the farm by email or text to arrange an appointment. We will make every effort to accommodate your best time to come to the farm.

Group Buying Trips

We have noticed customer’s create informal buying groups to reduce carbon footprint. We can help facilitate large group pickups by filling all orders separately with a detailed receipt and by accepting e-transfers from participants. We can take the stress out of group buying.

Thawing Frozen Product

The safest way to thaw frozen raw chicken or turkey is immersion in cold water. Never defrost poultry at room temperature. Thawing your poultry at room temperature will allow bacteria to grow. Immersion in cold water means your poultry is fully submerged in cold water with something heavy on top to keep it submerged.

If you have a large picnic cooler it is ideal for thawing a turkey or roasting chicken. Place the turkey or chicken in the cooler. Fill with water and replace the lid. Leave roasting chickens from 12 to 24 hours depending on size and turkeys from 30 to 36 hours depending on size. The cooler keeps the water around the chicken or turkey at food safe temperature.


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