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We offer the following chicken and turkey products at the prices listed below.
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Chicken Piece Price Avg. Package Size
Whole Roasters $3.60/lb or $7.92/kg
Boneless Breasts $7.95/lb or $17.49/kg 1.0 – 1.25 lb
Thighs $4.95/lb or $10.89/kg 1.25 lb
Wings $4.25/lb or $9.35/kg .50 lb
Drumsticks $3.45/lb or $7.59/kg .75 lb – 1 lb
Livers $2.95/lb or $6.49/kg
Hearts $2.50/lb or $5.50/kg
Soup Bones $2.00/lb or $4.40/kg
Necks $2.00/lb or $4.40/kg
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Turkey Piece  Price Avg. Package Size
Fresh Whole Turkey $4.25/lb or 9.35/kg
Fozen Whole Turkey $3.95/lb or $8.69/kg
Ground Turkey $7.75/lb or $17.05/kg 1 lb
Breast Tenders $7.95/lb or $17.49/kg .75 lb
Boneless Breasts $7.95/lb or $17.49/kg 2 lb – 3 lb
Boneless Roast $7.95/lb or $17.49/kg 3 lb – 4 lb
Wings $2.25/lb or $4.95/kg .75 lb
Drumsticks $2.25/lb or $4.95/kg .75 lb
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