28494 Maclure Rd Abbotsford, BC V4X 1L4
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Welcome to K & M Farms. My name is Mark Robbins, and together with my wife Kathy and daughter Jill, we grow pasture raised chickens and turkeys.

Our first priority is to raise our chickens and turkeys outside on pasture – as close to their natural habitat as possible. Our second priority is to grow chickens and turkeys closer to their natural size. Our roasting chickens range from 5 to 7 pounds. Our feature turkeys are our 20 to 24 lbs hens. We also raise some tom turkeys close to 30 lbs.

What makes us different? Our birds are outside all the time. Once they can control their own body temperature the birds are moved outside to pasture where they live in small flocks with shelters to protect them from the sun and rain. The shelters are moved regularly to new pasture. Living outside allows birds to scratch for grubs, dust themselves, enjoy the sun and fresh air and rest with the normal nocturnal cycle. Just like chickens raised in the barnyard.

Our customers tell us our chickens are more flavourful and the meat has a firmer texture than smaller chickens and turkeys raised indoors.

We cannot grow our birds outside in the winter months when the grass is not growing and weather can be harsh. Our chickens are available fresh four weekends during the summer and fall. One each month in June, July, Sept and Oct. The list of fresh days for 2021 is on the how to buy page . Our chickens are available frozen year round at the farm by appointment. Just email, text (please include your name) or call to set up an appointment.

Our turkeys are available fresh for Thanksgiving. For Christmas we have previously frozen turkeys that we thaw for you in our walk-in cooler. They are ready for you to cook on Christmas day. Turkeys and all our turkey parts are available throughout the year by making an appointment to visit the farm.