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My name is Mark Robbins and, together with my wife Kathy and daughter Jill, we run K & M Farms.
When we started raising chickens and turkeys, our first priority was to raise them in their natural habitat. Our second priority was to grow chickens and turkeys closer to their full size. Our roasting chickens range from six to nine pounds. Turkey hens range up to twenty five pounds and the toms up to thirty pounds

What makes us different? Our birds are outside all the time. Once they can control their own body temperature the birds are moved outside to pasture where they live in small flocks (350 birds) with a shelter to protect them from rain and sun. The shelters are moved regularly to fresh pasture. Living outside allows birds to scratch for grubs, dust themselves and enjoy the sun and fresh air as chickens were raised in the farm yard.

We grow our birds bigger – closer to mature weight. Our chickens are 6-8 pounds and turkey hens are 20-24 pounds. Our customers tell us our birds are more favourable and the meat has a firmer texture than smaller indoor raised chickens and turkeys raised for shorter periods.

With the benefits of flavour and texture come some challenges in growing birds longer. They have a higher chance of having blood spots in the breast meat. If birds are startled they move their wings suddenly and can strain their pectoral muscle (under the breast meat). Though rare this happens more often in birds raised outdoors because they are exposed to the natural environment and predators can startle them. All our products are safe to eat but we are happy to replace chickens with any issues. Just give us a call.

We had some challenges with the change in our processor in 2017. I know some of you did not like the new black packaging and we also found it took up space in our freezers. We will not be using the black packaging in 2018. As well we had much more bruising of the breast meat than previously. We worked hard to figure out this problem. We are confident we have resolved the issue for 2018 flocks.

In 2019 we will have fresh turkeys at Thanksgiving and only frozen at Christmas. It is very difficult to get our birds processed during the busy Christmas season. It is also very challenging to grow turkeys outside in the fall/winter weather. I know many of you purchased fresh Christmas turkeys from us for many years. It was a very difficult decision to stop having fresh turkeys at Christmas. The challenges of access to processing, combined with deteriorating outdoor weather, led us to the decision to only have frozen turkeys available at Christmas.

Frozen turkeys are available throughout the year by making an appointment to visit the farm.

We will be open Friday and Saturday of the two weekends before Christmas. December 13 & 14 and 20 & 21. We will be closed December 22 to 27.